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About Us

Our Story

Rich History

British and Indian culture.

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Bretford, Warwickshire, Queens is a dining destination like no other. Housed in a deep-rooted history within the historic Queens Head building, dating back over 350 years, we offer a unique blend of authentic Indian and traditional British cuisines with a deep rooted history, crafted to perfection and presented with flair.

Cultural Fusion

Vibrant fusion of Indian and British cuisine.

We celebrate the union of cultures. Our interiors tastefully pay homage to the peacock, India’s national bird, symbolising the vibrant fusion of Indian and British cultures. Our recent transformation preserves the building’s unique character, crafting a dining setting steeped in charm and history.

Meet Culinary Excellence

Bringing you expert Indian chefs

Our carefully curated menu showcases a range of delectable dishes, from British classics to Indian specialties. Each plate is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste. Sourced from the finest local producers, our ingredients are chosen with care, and every dish is prepared with passion and expertise.

Authentic Experience

Craft your unforgettable memories

At Queens, we strive for more than just serving great food. We are committed to providing exceptional service in an environment that captures the essence of both the Indian and British heritage.

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